Concrete Surfaces magazine brings you the most popular articles of 2016.

As 2016 comes to a close, it is time to look back on the year that was. We have complied a list of the top 10 most viewed articles from Concrete Surfaces magazine in 2016.



Finishing School

by Kennth A. Hooker

New products are designed to improve flatwork quality by easing the finishing process.

Are You Bombarded by Dust-Suppression, Respirator Manufacturers? Here’s Why.

by Stephanie Johnston

OSHA’s lower limits for how much silica dust employers may “legally” expose workers goes into effect on June 23. One of the three occupations that must use respirators is concrete sandblasting. Hence, the sudden popularity of surfaces contractors.

Self-Leveling Overlays

by Bob Harris

Self-leveling overlays have been around for decades, but they were initially used for purely utilitarian purposes.

Why Polishing Contractors Get Screwed

by Stephanie Johnston

Watch our video to see how to respectfully influence the quality of each step in the polishing process.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

by Steve VandeWater

There’s almost nothing, except crack repair, an overlay can’t do to rejuvenate tired concrete.


On Track with Stamped Concrete

by Steve VandeWater

Railroad-themed stamped concrete generates business from three government agencies.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

by Ken Hooker

The only three-step concrete polishing system to rely solely on roughness averages could be the industry’s first foolproof method.


Obit: Harry Gressette

by Tom Bagsarian

The polished concrete expert and World of Concrete speaker was one of three men murdered on Oct. 7. A suspect has been arrested.


How to Maintain and Restore Polished Concrete

Proper cleaning equipment must be used to remove oils and soils from the concrete surface, and restoration may be necessary when the floor has lost its shine or clarity.


How do you want your concrete to look?

by Steve VandeWater

Photos are a great way to educate customers about the extremely variable nature of stamped concrete. However, they’re not infallible.

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